Greetings from Global University (India)

Global University President

I appreciate your interest in Global University! It is one of the most innovative educational opportunities available on our part of the world. Global University (India) is a part of the Global University (International), a worldwide network of recognised Distance Learning Institutions. The vision of Global University is to impact eternity by reaching the lost and training the found, everywhere.

Throughout this website, you will see our strong commitment to equip you for an exciting life in ministry, right where you are. Our aim is to work with you to reach your personal study goals through a variety of programs. The programs are designed to systematically equip you with the word of God to reach out people in the power of the Holy Spirit.

As more and more labourers are needed in our nation to reap the plentiful harvest and to plant churches, we endeavour to train you to be an effective servant in His harvest field. Global University India offers you quality theological education of International level at an affordable price. We are prepared to help you on the journey as you reach for your goals.

May the Lord guide you as you take this important decision to study His Word through Global University (India). God bless you!

In His Service,

Dr. Samuel Raj, R.
National Director